I understand that paying someone you don’t know, to produce a script report on something you have worked so hard on, can feel a little risky. To help ease your mind, here are a few testimonials from my previous clients and, to start off with, comments from the tutors on two of the best Script Reading courses in the UK – Lucy V. Hay (Bang2Write) and Evan Leighton-Davis (Industrial Scripts):

“… very few readers remember this element of screenplays… You summarise well at the end and I LOVE your idea that [detail removed]… All in all, your report is excellent…”

Lucy V. Hay

(“Breaking Into Script Reading” Tutor)

“Overall, a strong report. Synopsis is refreshingly concise, but contains all key story beats. Certainly of industry-standard.”

Evan Leighton-Davis

(“Effective Script Reading” Tutor)

Testimonials from clients:

“There are a lot of elements in your notes that I hadn’t considered previously – particularly combining storylines to [detail removed]… I really can’t thank you enough for the fresh perspectives on character and pacing and your suggestions. The most useful and insightful notes I’ve had on a script.”

“I’ve had Editor’s / Readers notes from three other people and nothing like as insightful.”

Jessica Ostler

(Bang2Write Member)

“Thank you for the notes. I love heavy critique, rewriting is where the magic happens. I dig them and your suggestions!!”

Tawny Stokes

(New York Times Bestselling Author)

“I recently used Paul to give me an analysis of my screenplay and was frankly stunned at the level of detail he provided. His breakdown was both incitefull (sic) and honest… Paul’s work has allowed me to concentrate my energy on where I need to spend time to improve… My recommendation to anyone thinking of entering a competition would be, send it to Paul first.”

Noel Wyatt

(Bang2Write Member)

“I sent a pilot for a tv show I’m working on to Paul Hutchinson, taking advantage of his free script report, and it has been the best thing I have done as a writer. To be honest I have been winging it for years and have never done enough to learn the craft. Paul’s report has taught me so much and his notes are helping now produce a piece of work I can be proud to put my name to.”

Mark O’Sullivan

(Bang2Write Member)

And a few more testimonials:

“I’ll definitely take your great points on board and work on it. There’s a lot of things I overlooked so it’s nice to get a fresh look at it.”

“Same excellent coverage. Delivered just as described.”

“High quality, insightful comments and on time delivery”

“Very helpful comments on the overall story.”

“Excellent job. Overdelivered. Will re-hire.”

“Very detailed and very pro service. Will use again. Impressive.”

“Excellent constructive criticism. Exactly what I needed to help boost my script to the next level. Will definitely use again!”

“Thank you for the detailed and constructive feedback!”

“Thanks so much! Above and beyond expectation.”

“Looks excellent. Please let me know when you’re available for more projects. Thank you!”

If you are ready to take the plunge, then I offer two types of Script Report:

  1. An in-depth report on your entire Screenplay
  2. An in-depth report on the first 10 pages of your Screenplay