The First 10 Pages

Details on what the "first 10 pages" Script Report gives the customer

This Script Report is for the first 10 pages of your screenplay. Although this does not require you to have completed your first draft, I advise that you finish your script before you use this service.

If you want coverage on your entire Screenplay, head here.

As writers we need to connect with our audience, whether that be a reader of a production company or the paying public at the local cinema. In order to do that we need clarity.

A recurring theme in many of the scripts I have provided coverage for is that, especially in those first 10 pages, the story lacks clarity – There might be too many characters that detract from the protagonist, or too many B-stories, so that the reader loses focus on the main narrative.

I will take your first ten pages to give an in-depth report on areas such as:

  • The Protagonist – Is it clear who they are / what they want?
  • The Antagonist – Is it clear who they are / what they want?
  • Are there too many secondary/tertiary characters?
  • Is there too much going on or not enough?
  • Is the script “unputdownable”?
  • Where might the story go next?

Other, broader issues like formatting, imagery, characters and dialogue will also be covered.

When I review your script I will always be honest about what I’ve read – If I feel there are problems, I will tell you so – but will always back up any issues with examples. I am not here to stamp on your dream. I am here to help.

How much does it cost?

The cost for this report is: £15

Payment will be via PayPal. If you would like to order a report, then please contact me via email: or send me a message on Facebook.

Let’s work together to help you succeed in your writing!