5-5-5 Challenge

5-5-5 Challenge

Current Challenge – Tuesday 28th July

Dialogue:“Go ahead, make my day”

Deadline: Sunday, 2nd August – 23:59 UK time

Next Challenge date: Tuesday, 11th August – 18:00 UK time

Email your final script (PDF or Final Draft) to: 555challenge@thescriptreader.co.uk

During these difficult and very strange times, I thought I’d set up the 5-5-5 Challenge, a fortnightly screenplay competition, hopefully getting those creative juices flowing and more importantly, taking your mind off the current situation, albeit for a few fleeting moments.

There is no cost to enter the 5-5-5 Challenge other than your time and imagination!

Every Monday I will release a new challenge for you to get your teeth into – You will need to write a FIVE page screenplay in FIVE days containing FIVE key elements.

The key elements will be randomly generated to produce:

A Genre, A Location, A Character, An Object and a Line of Dialogue.

The rules are simple – The screenplay must be FIVE pages (or less), contain the FIVE key elements and be written in FIVE days.

So, we could have a Political Thriller, set in a brothel, with a postal worker and a melon.

Once the deadline has passed, I will go through all the entries and produce a mini-script report for each one.

A Winner and Runner-up will be announced for each challenge.

Cheers, good luck and above all, stay safe!

Paul Hutch


The Winner will receive a First 10 pages script report from “The Script Reader”.

The Runner up will receive… The kudos of being runner up!

Past Winners

Rules, FAQs and Genre Definitions