Script Reports / Screenplay Coverage

The Script Reader offers in-depth Script Reports on either your full manuscript or your first 10 pages.

We are also now running a weekly writing challenge – The 555 Challenge

You’ve finally done it. You’ve finished your screenplay. Gallons of blood, sweat, and tears have been shed. But it was worth it.

All those social events missed, birthdays forgotten, and countless, endless hours sat in front of that flickering screen. But it was worth it.

Fade Out. It really is time to celebrate.

But… Could your script be better?

The simple answer is Yes. And that’s where I come in – I want to help you, the writer, make it better. And together we can. It’s what I love to do: To take your work – your passion – and help make your script the best that it can be.

I understand how much this means to you; how personal it is to you. I am a writer too. Every time we write we leave a little bit of ourselves on the page. Your screenplay, whether it’s your first or fiftieth, means the world to you. I will treat it as such.

I offer two Script Reports (“Screenplay coverage”):

  1. An in-depth report on your entire Screenplay
  2. An in-depth report on the first 10 pages of your Screenplay

I will always provide a professional and insightful report on your script, but be warned, there is no ego-rubbing here. I will be as honest as possible, but always with examples to back it up, and always for the same reason – To improve your Script.

Let’s work together to help you succeed in your writing!

Feel free to contact me through email: or send me a message on Facebook.